There is only one reason for the imminent attack of the United States against Iraq: oil. American oil-producing resources, at the current rate might last - according to official data - eleven years. The reserves of Iraqi crude oil however are revealing themselves to be the greatest on the global level.

This is why the former CIA collaborator Saddam Hussein has become an "enemy of humanity": in state and mercantile alliances the Good become Wicked and
the Wicked become Good at the same speed with which the Stock Market indexes change. The pretext of the "weapons of mass destruction" in the possession of the Iraqi state is a brazen excuse. Even the smallest states have such weapons at their disposal. The capitalist system, as such, is daily mass destruction.

With or without the UN, and even with or without NATO, the United States has decided on a war for the conquest and control of the Iraqi oil-bearing regions. This time, they will not limit themselves to bombing a population already exhausted by 250 thousand bombs dropped in '91 and then by twelve years of embargo, due to which 500 thousand children have died (isn't this "mass destruction"?). The American cop, with the extortion of loans from the International Monetary Fund, "requests" logistical aid and an internal clampdown against social struggles (obviously in the name of "anti-terrorism"). The great powers of Europe have no direct interest in this war: this is the reason for their merry-go-round over peace.

The Berlusconi government, servile as usual, has already put on its helmet.The parties and unions of the left, the same ones that bombed (or justified those who bombed) in Kosovo, discover the pacifist round-dances. Hypocrites.

The oil business clearly shows one thing: whoever defends industrial mass society defends mass destruction.

The thing that we can do ourselves, voiceless and powerless, dominated and exploited, is to obstruct their murderous machine. From the workplaces to the schools, form the plazas to the means of communication, generalizing the blockades that in recent times the workers at Fiat started to do. Under the form of dismissal or of police control, we will be the ones to pay for this war, if we make ourselves complicit through our passivity.

From Argentina to Palestine, from Algeria to Korea, millions of the poor are in revolt against this "best of all possible worlds" that drips blood from its merchandise. Here is what worries the masters, what brings them all into alliance: behind the ranks of their Rambos the specter of social war might appear.


Rovereto, Trento (Italy), 05.02.'03


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